Dreamin' Demon

The dream I had the other night was the sort of dream that would wake most people. Believing it was inspired by my rather unhealthy, way too close to bed time meal, I didn’t think much of it. I jotted it down because part of me wondered why I was visited by a demon.

Most characters in your dreams are really just mirrors, reflecting back to you something about yourself. They play their part so that you can learn about yourself. The dream nagged me as I couldn’t wrap my head around an aspect of myself being demon-like.  Was it a sugar monster or a caffeine fiend?  What about me was 7 foot tall, greenish-gray, gross, and cocky? The fact that I was not scared in the dream caught my attention as well. Evidently, slaying demons was old hat to my dream self. I had banished this one twice before.

Do I confidently slay my personal demons? Well, sometimes but that didn’t feel like the complete answer. Looking further for clues, I considered what the demon had said. He talked in a deep growly voice and when I jokingly asked him what his poison was this time, he laughed.  “Oh girly, it doesn’t matter if I tell you because you are never going to figure it out,” he said.  “Grass and vodka,” the demon added.

I considered that telling me the answer could be a trick. Of course, this time, he was going to be much more difficult to expel. As he lumbered around pulling doors of hinges, even though I told everyone not to lock the doors because he’d just pull them off, I hid in the basement planning my next move involving grass and vodka.

Tracing my thoughts and questions leading up to the night of the greenish-gray ghoul, my mind had been working on how to ground myself every day and how to use flower essence.  Aha! I got you my scary messenger. In order to fight off unpleasant things I need to put my feet in grass every day and by adding flower essence to vodka to make an air freshener I can put myself the right mood.  

Here’s to slaying your demons in daylight and in slumber,

Love and Light, Tricia