The ABC's of Your 123's ~O is for Oracle~

The ABC’s of Your 123’s
O is for Oracle
Using Numerology to Plan/See Your Future

How do you feel about deviation tools? Does the thought of using spiritual guidance seem okay, but you draw the line at tarot? I used to feel the same way. Forget woo-woo, I thought it was whack-a-do! My impression of fortune tellers was just a more sophisticated version of a pick-pocket. I assumed the card readers were watching you for clues, saying things in general, all in attempt to steal your money.

That is what I use to think until a fun fortune at a party turned out to be true. I was even more convinced people could ‘know’ things, more specifically, I could know things and there was no explanation for how. My first experience with that was a vivid dream of my sister. Prior to this my dreams were more like ‘warnings’ in the form of ‘feelings’ when I woke. This particular dream was much more informative. The dream had given me letters, eerily correct, of a man my sister had met. I remember calling her and asking her to just listen, not to say anything, as I retold the dream. She kept interrupting me. “Holy shit” she would say as I described  what I remembered. My dream was similar to the actual event my sister had, on or about the same night I had the dream.

“Holy shit” doesn’t even cover what I can do now. I hold my hands over someone or hold them in my mind and get information. The same thing with cards: tarot and oracle. I touch a card and it tells me “yes” or “no”. It’s kinda freaky, still.

I remember the very first reading I did for someone, (just like my Reiki training) I had no intention of doing readings for other people, but there I was doing a very accurate reading for a coworker during our lunch break. The cellophane wrap from the card deck was still clinging to my hand and lunch container. I had not even ‘cleared’ my cards. I had later read in the insturctions that clearing was necessary. 

My First deck Sonia Choquette.JPG

This does not require any training. The use of oracle and tarot have been used for centuries, first as just a fun game, then as a way to tell interesting stories or to create poetry. It has evolved into the deviation tool it is today. One thing I know for sure is we each have the answers we need. That is why we seek the oracle, for answers, yes? The answers are within us, only needing to be nudged out. Like dreams. Like synchronicities. They are on the tips of our tongues, on the lace of our hearts. We only need faith and intention to release them (or 'see' them).

In my book, Say YES to Who You Are to Create Fitness, I encourage the reader to create their own cards and give step by step instructions. I can feel the difference in the power of my own cards verses the cards I have purchased. I believe it was my intention, or my energy placed on them, that make them more powerful. By powerful, I mean, easier for me to read/understand their meaning. The first deck I created for myself was dry erase on the back. I used them to accomplish my tasks. My cards were my ‘to-do’ list, thus the necessity of washing them off when a job was complete. With a few exceptions, like taxes and cleaning, my job lists would change, or I would want a different focus.

Here are a few of the cards I have create.

oracle cards Tricia Gunberg plumeria.JPG
card art first oracle cards.JPG


One of my first sets for Life Path 3 or those with a 3 in their Health and Wellness number:

DIY Oracle Cards made for 3 by Tricia Gunberg jpg

Design your own 

Create cards with these instructions:


See my book for instructions on creating your own oracle cards to support on your fitness journey. If you have 3 in your Health and Wellness Path, it would be especially helpful for you to create your own cards. 

Here is an excerpt from my book on oracle cards:

Organizing Your New Fitness Goals 
In this step of the process you will be making tools to help you organize your new fitness goals. You can consider these tools as you would glue for a puzzle. You have all the pieces, you have put them together now you need to make them stick so your hard work does not fall apart.
The first tool you will make is organizing oracle cards. This will be an exciting endeavor because the energy of your intent (Your goals are your intent!) will be added to the cards as you create them. The process of making your own cards will deepen your connection to them. They will be your ‘calling card’ to the Universe, making it clear what you desire. This is important because your intent to create health with your fitness program strengthens your resolve. This energy will be all over the cards you make. Exciting!
Decorate the backside of your cards or leave them blank, it is up to you. Adding a creative flair will further deepen the connection to their meaning and energy. Also, it is just plain old fun to get crafty. The front side of the card will be data you fill in. This data will be a combination of your current level of fitness, your fitness goals and your Health and Wellness Path information. The cards will be divided into three sections: frequency, duration and activity.   
Follow these steps to create your own organizing oracle cards. The following steps will show you how to use them to make a fitness schedule.”

If you have intuitive abilities or would like to develop them, making your own oracle deck will certainly help you. Divination and spiritual guidance is a good way to connect with who you are!


Love and Light,