Connecting to your Intuitive Abilities by Tricia Gunberg

These exercises can support you in so many ways! If you want to heal yourself, start here to connect with yourself.

What you will need for this Grounding and Clearing Workshop that can be used to connect with your intutitive abilities as well as your creative abilitities. 

standing meditation.jpg
  • 15 minutes – 2.5 hours, spend as much or as little time as you would like
  • Chair
  • Desk or table Place to stand, preferably outside
  • Notebook and pen- track your experience after each prompt to “be quiet here and feel
  • 3-6 index cards

These methods helped me write my book. I continue to use them for myself as well as share them with clients and my meditation class.

I start the workshop by scanning each participant with my hands, making note of areas that get my attention.  It is a good idea to take a few minutes before doing these exercises and make notes of anything you notice in your body. If you are working on your intuitive abilities, this is especially important to use this ‘muscle.’

A bit about me before we get started:

If someone would have told me in 2010, that I’d be an author, I’d would have nodded. If they would have told me I’d be making a living doing energy work, I would have fallen off my bar stool laughing. As with all things, it has been a process and continues to be. I am a very intuitive person. I do energy work because I was drawn to it and then I realized it appealed to me and it was, in fact, part of my life purpose.  Another reason I do energy work, including writing, is because I am sympathetic to human plights such as addiction, depression, unhealthy weight and general ill health. It is important to me to create methods to support myself and my clients.

I understand my journey to get HERE started sometime before my birth but specifically my energy work started in 2009. Health issues lead me to kinesiology. The Kinesiologist to a numerologist. Numerology lead me to be open to my intuitive abilities, which lead to Reiki and, more specifically, to my intuitive healing abilities. I kept my writing hidden for many years. It tried to push and shove itself into my life, until I cleared the fear. That is what this manual is about.

This could also be titled “Speed dating for the Soul”

Call these methods anything you would like; grounding, clearing, knocking down blocks, but what we really are doing is making a connections with our deeper selves. We are creating both space and opportunity to know our true selves. It’s in that space we find our creativity and all the yummy bits, that hopefully, we want to share with others.   

#1 you can’t do this wrong  
#2 there are millions of methods, I’m just showing you a few so you can work with them in whatever manner feels right to you
#3 I welcome you to share your thoughts and questions while we go through this process. Everyone will get more out of it if you do.  If you are reading this without my direct instruction please go to Facebook or send me an email at if you have  questions.

Grounding~do this while standing up~

             Science behind it-This is the science in a nut shell- we could take an entire hour to discuss this one alone. Our bodies are made up of electrons, your heart and brain use electric impulses. Free radicals gum up the works. You can limit free radicals but not entirely. Grounding or Earthing is another term, adds electrons to your body through the bottom of your feet thus displacing some free radicals.   Antioxidants do the same thing.

Demonstration and Participation – Please stand up. Spread out. Yogies in ‘tadasana’, (video) stand in a comfortable position, close your eyes, you can visualize roots coming from your feet into the earth or put your minds eye into your feet to feel energy. 

Relax and Feel

Best place for grounding: Ocean Water, then Beach, then Earth: Dewy grass. After that any porous material with water: cement but not blacktop, tile better than wood

(1-3 minutes)
Breath- another good way to clear space is with your breath. Breathe into your heart, bending over clears your head.

            Demonstration and Participation- diaphragmatic; that is using your entire diaphragm to breath.  (AKA: BoB’s Bottom of the Belly Breaths- weekly reminders at my Facebook page). At first, too many of these might make you feel faint, just do as many as feels comfortable and then pick a breathing pattern that feels the best to you. 

            In Breath/Out Breath- lets practice the in/out. That is to say, think about your in breath to make you tall, light and long as you breath in and increase your connectedness to the earth(feet to the ground, your bottom to a chair) as you breath out.

            Colors- white is clearing, green healing, purple intuitive, red/pink passion. Visualize the color coming in with the breath, as it circulates it grabs up what you don’t need and on your out breath releases it.

4 Count- (Ha- means four) count to four on both the in breath and the out breath

Be Quiet here and FEEL-

 Ho oponopono- Hawaiian, ancient way everything is energy and Ho oponopono is a way to make things right. “Hawaii” translated means land of people who breathe so it seems very appropriate!  This is why Hawaiians call white men ‘ha o le’, lazy breath  

        Method: 7 counts, inhale, hold 7 counts, exhale 7 counts hold 7 counts this is one round do 9 rounds. Stand up please- begin your hooponopono breath –(reference Dr. Len)

(3-5 minutes)
Visualization ~sitting down~

            Demonstration & Participation-  Eyes closed, visualize a cleaning tool of your choice. A white rose, a QTip, a vacuum, feather duster, swirl it around your body parts, starting at the head, moving down to your neck and face, to your R arm then your left, past your torso, hips, R thigh, R knee, R foot, L thigh, R knee, R foot. Discard your cleaning tool with a blessing. The energy you just removed does not serve you but could sever someone or something else.  

Quantum Clearing-Quantum seems to be the buz word these days and thrown around in science and in conversations/literature about metaphysics and the like.

 I really like Cynthia Sue Larson’s on it in her book ‘Quantum Jump’. I have tried some of these body postures and seen some of them in action in the past. Her over-all theme is “fake it til you make it” and she has the science to back it up. Let us practice some of the body postures.

Sitting up straight- creates confidence

A “power pose”- behaving like an extrovert-

             Hands on your hips

             Leaning over with palms on a desk

             Sit with feet up on desk and hands clasped behind the head

Pick a posture and BE STILL HERE AND FEEL



You can rewire your brain with affirmations, it helps to push negative thoughts out. “Thoughts are things.” Science has proven this too. Placebo effect and scientist’s own thoughts which effect test results. 

Creating our own affirmations-

  • For writers and creatives:  "I am a creative writer." "I write with ease and grace." "I am creative." "I am engaging."
  • Based on your numerology: My book gives you easy to follow instructions on how to create your own affirmations specific to you!  


Music and sound can have a profound effect on your mood. Need to set a mood to write a sultry character or scene? Pick sultry music. Need to pump yourself up for an important meeting? Pick rock music, think ‘Eye of the Tiger’.  

Sound of ‘OM’. I am not much into the idea of chanting but have noticed something happening in me when I following along in yoga class doing the classic ‘om’. Primal breath, which by the way is three letters A U M, represents the three stares of consciousness: awake, dreaming, sleepless dreaming. Reference:  pg 158, ‘The Lucid Dreamer’ by Malcolm Godwin.)

These 3 I saved for last, I have them in my mind as a “HOE” not just an acronym so I can remember them but also because these are methods that dig down deep. They contain the potential to release emotion, memories and really bust through tough blocks.

  • Handwriting- “Change Your Handwriting to Change Your Life” by Polly Cady, Certified hand writing annalist. She has studied handwriting of serial killers and those with personality foibles. Her book looks at the positive attributes and as the title states, to make positive changes. Changes I have made:
                         Lower case: g,j,y    they are your money bags so make the bottom loop big

                     Crossing your t’s- cross through the middle means suffering. I decided I was no longer here to suffer and have changed all my t’s to upper case with an affirmation: “I am not here to suffer”. Deciding this was not very positive, I soon changed it to “I am here to enjoy life” and “I live with ease and grace.” Then to “with ease and grace’. Now I don’t say it every time but when I catch myself making a lower case T, I erase it and say “Control/Alt/Delete, ease and grace, ease and grace.” 

Use 3x5 cards and decorate them!

Use 3x5 cards and decorate them!

  • Organizing Oracle- I use these when I want to create a schedule for myself and don’t know where to start.(Update: used them for myself then added it to my book “Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness.)  It will feel like a ‘boss’ is telling you what to do – but it is really yourself and Law of Attraction. My oracle cards (N.O.W. update: getting them designed) started out generic:

go for a walk
research an agent
free choice reading time
watch TV
TAXES (Yuck!)
 Free Choice
Watch tv

 Funny how I never, no matter how many times the “watch TV” was added, I never picked the watch TV card. (attention moms:  I used this method as a homeschool teacher. The kids would have several favorite activities written on a card for  free time choices. They would pick a card to see which one they would do. This helped a lot: less fighting, more variety, less time wasted deciding.)

 I used my initiative abilities to pick the cards now. If you are unable to do it this way, do not worry, trust that whatever card you pic is the right one. Use index cards to write a “to do” list. Estimate how much time you have and how many cards/activities you can actually do or pick the cards randomly. (more instructions in my book: Chapter 3 section How to Work With Your Oracle Cards)

*Note: This is a practice in letting go, trust and using your/improving your intuition, aka: intuitive abilities

 Essential oils-  Use with a carrier oil on your hands with a light massage. Your hands do a lot of work, appreciate all they do for you.

Frankincense penetrates your brain- why they can’t fix Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s because of the barrier that essential oils can penetrate–read from page 7 in Modern Essentials book, fifth edition

I end the workshop with a Q&A and scan the participants to see if they have cleared the energy spots that I detected before the workshop began.  Those practicing to use their intuition are encouraged to scan themselves.

If time is allowed, I like to share this poem to end the workshop:

Mirror, Mirror
While searching for meaning in all that is, in dreams, illness and challenges, these words came to me.
The people that I meet are but an image of me.
 Am I so full of anger, resentment and worry?
The events that occur are but a reproduction.
Am I so full of hatred, sadness and fear?
The dreams that I have are an echo.
 Am I so full of insecurity, regret, and loneliness?
The illnesses I endure are but a resonance.
Am I so full of withholding, controlling and lacking?
A case of mistaken identity, I hoped and I supposed.
But the messages keep repeating.
Why is it that I do not see these reflections of me?
For this case of mistaken identity, what do I need?
 Until I can find the correct focus, this is all I have,
I do love you.
I am truly sorry.
I do beg and plead for forgiveness, for all of this and so much more.
My affection for you runs deep and true.
I thank you for your love and your patience.

Help me create a Wellness Revolution!

Love and Light,