May Guidance

Free Monthly Guidance from The Energy Garden

Horoscopes offer some hint as to what is to come based on our birth date. Numerology takes this concept a step forward and offers valid insight on life challenges based on our birth number (Life Path Number). It is when we resolve those challenges that we get closer to our true potential. I offer you a bit of this insight here. First, in general terms, for the month and then in specific terms based on your birth number. A “Numeroscope” if you will.

Let's reflecting on April for a moment. Were you met with any lessons? My guidance (1 path) indicated that I would struggle with a person. Struggle, I did, with myself. That is okay though as it lead to some pretty insightful information on my past, present and future self.  So now,  onto May.

 As school semesters come to an end, outdoor activities begin to increase, and summer vacations draw our attention, it is of no surprise then that May, being the 5th month, carries the energy of change. The five energy offers us new directions, excitement, and adventure. If you embrace change and find it fun, then settle in and enjoy May's energy.  For those of you who dig your heals in when you see a change coming, well you might try looking at change differently so you can enjoy it too .

To calculate your birth number or Life Path Number, add all the digits of your birthdate until you get a single digit. For example August 4, 1969 is calculated: 8+4+1+9+6+9 = 37,  3+7 = 10, 1+0=1. This Life Path Number is a 1. (For those working the 29/11 or 48/12 path I recommend reading each of those numbers and pick the one that resonates with you.)

Here is your guidance for the month of May based on your Life Path Number:

1      You are being encouraged to take a leadership role. Know that you are guided and protected so give it your best shot and don't worry about making mistakes.

    Consider switching from doing mundane or tedious activities to doing things that create joy for you.

3      Visualize what you desire with as much detail as you can. Hold those thoughts and replay them often, especially if you are having a bad day. That is how you can achieve your desires.

4      A  rainbow is created amongst clouds. It reminds us light is present in a storm. Use your own light to see the beauty in any of your personal storms.

5       Are you doing too much? Acknowledge your limits, allow time to see how things can unfold without "doing". Feel the natural flow.

6       Resist the temptation to control others. Instead, take care of you. Ask yourself: What do I need now?

7       Taking time to just breath, this is very important now . It will increase your charisma.

8        Fill in this sentience: If I had extra money and more time I would ___________. Now do it and stop pining and whining.

9       Any situation can become clear when using the wisdom of self reflection. In frustrating situations, ask what lesson is there for you.

Have a great month,