May Free Guidance


May is the 5th month and no surprise I have already have been getting “change” as a message. The 5 is about adventure, one of the purest most wonderful change there is but, man it requires some heavy duty trust and letting go.

If you are still wheeling from the energies of April, (This past Sunday, I spend almost an entire day sleeping but didn’t really feel sick or extremely tired.) know that is it going to let up. How is that possible- change will happen and things will lighten up? Yep, there are few lingering things that need some shifting and it will actually lighten things up, only if you let them. It is in the holding on which creates chaos and the heaviness. You know, what we resist persists.

The life path guidance this month is the same for everyone. (Ha! How’s that for change?)

Inside each of us is the capacity to grow and change. We often do not allow such movement (a five energy) because of fear of the unknown, the fear of failure or plan ‘ol attachment to how things are. Life is static and movement is so much a part of who we are, it seems silly to resist change. I am not preaching here- I am talking to myself too. I get daily messages to s t r e t c h myself all the while knowing a little part of me is afraid. Mostly afraid I will screw up. Now that I am aware of the voice in my head that tells me lies, I can no longer allow it. Being able to ignore it (sometimes, not always) has created a big shift, a life in Hawaii, a book, and a business I love.

Use the energy of 5 to spark your sparkle. Step in to your weird. Travel to a place you have never been. Move in a way you have not experienced. Do something you have only planned in your mind.

The energy of 5 in a few words:









Which one of these words inspire you?

I’d love to hear about it. Post below, if you dare.

Love and Light,