Energy of the Moon, Evidence and an Exercise

Have you been offered an opportunity that is both scary and exciting at the same time?

I have had evidence that suggests you were. First, the Full Moon in Scorpio; full moons are about manifesting. Second, 2017 is a one Universal Year; there will be new things and new beginnings. Coupled with a shift in to LEO- Leo is leadership and radiance! Which tells me  it is an opportunity that  is going to be epic.( I follow Kari Samuels and Kelley Rosano for astrology interpretations.)

The energy will also cause a push- pull of “stay safe” and “Let’s do something epic”, making us a bit crazy, maybe it makes you grumpy if you feel you cannot follow it.

Change is growth. Growth can be uncomfortable- so what? Can you imagine a rose bud refusing to bloom because it was afraid? Are you glad roses can’t think?

Okay, if you want to ‘think’ about it then I will refer to the book “Quantum Leap” where Cynthia Sue Larson gets all sciency and discusses quantum physics and has evidence that “fake it  ‘til you make it” works. She has many exercises you can try and I am sharing one that I have created.

We are going to practice the 'fake til you make it' with todays excersie to prepare you for this epic adventure, if you chose it. I’ve made this suggestion before and it bears repeating-

The exercise I have for you, or as I like to call one of my meditation practices, “Try That On For Size”.If someone, now mind you this someone can be yourself, if someone, has offered you a new exciting opportunity or you have gotten a vision of something you could create,

 take a few minutes right now.

Starting with several bottom of the belly breaths,

 as you gaze at the ocean or into your hearts center, ‘try it on for size’.

Pretend you are either doing this fab new thing or it has been completed.


What does it look like?


How does it feel?


What are you experiencing?

Try this exercise any time you want to 'experience' a choice you can make.  

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you go about continue to manifest.

#1 You do not need to sacrifice yourself to serve others!

#2 If you have trouble visualizing all your strengths or believing in yourself. Or if you have a 1 or a 3 in your numerology I am calling you out right now!  Get my book “Say YES” so you can learn all of your attributes. Knowing your potential will help you find your passions so you can live your purpose!

#3 Still having trouble seeing your full potential yet you are unsatisfied with your current situation? Please, please, please get some assistance: a numerology reading or a life coaching session

 Hope you are enJOYing this epic thing we call life, it is what we are here to do. Be brave!

 Love and Light,







If you are in need of some inspiration take a look-listen to this interview. I know first hand how fear can bite you in the ass.