Happy Spring! I have something fresh in store..

Spring rain on the Hawaii state flower 

Spring rain on the Hawaii state flower 

Guess what I am doing this year?

Many people ask me, "Hey Tricia, when is your next book coming out?" I have created 3 books since the release of Say YES to Who You Are to Create Fitness, they just haven't been published -yet. Thinking it would be fun to see how pressure felt (I've only ever applied my own) I signed up to do this writing challenge with my bestie author friend Cheryl Steimel. My title: The ABC's of Your 123's - Using Numerology for Personal and Spiritual Growth.

Many of the posts, starting April 1, will include large sections of the books I have created- giving you FREE access to all my work. 

Some of you have shared your email with me already,(mahalo!) and you will start receiving my blog page right to your email box. Please feel free to opt out any time. The April posts will be daily, but then less frequent after April 30, 2018. If you would enjoy them and prefer I send them monthly, send me an email. Also, I'd love your support and your feedback. You can be sure you are signed up by  going to my website sign-up page CLICK HERE

 Want to earn FREE numerology readings? I am looking for book cover ideas for The ABC's of Your 123's, submit them to theenergygarden@outlook(dot)com or send me an IM at my Facebook page. Winner will get my numerology package ($242 value) for FREE! 

Love and Light,