The ABC's of Your 123's ~A is for Attributes~

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Using Numerology for self-actualization has been a blessing for me. Exploring Numerology helped me discover my intuitive abilities. Applying my interpretation of Numerology to help clients, loved ones and strangers has impacted my life in a profound way.

Understanding myself better has led to increase in calm, especially in the midst of chaos and depression. It has led to more joy then I have ever experienced in my life. Specifically, a handful of words, which I refer to as attributes, have been most helpful.

So what is Numerology? And how do you get numerology from words?
              Everything has energy.

                                           Everything is energy.

                                                            Numbers and letters have energy.

“Numerology is a system that describes a relationship between numbers and things. It is a code, like musical notes or letters of a language. Numbers contain energy and when applied to things, provide meaning. They speak to you, much like music, at the soul level. When you align yourself with the numbers in your cart, amazing things happen.” Tricia Gunberg Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness

I discovered this beautiful fact back in 2009, with a numerology book by Dan Millman and Numerology has been singing to me ever since. I’ll be using the alphabet to bring you what I have learned over the last decade. It is apropos that we begin with the most important morsel- Attributes.

Understanding my attributes according to numerology propelled me to where I am today. The business I have built, the clients that continue to come, the ideas that spill out of me, the creativity that never lets up, my energy and enthusiasm I have for this life and my work all, comes down to one word:


Each number 1-9, has an energy. You know some of these already. The 1 for instances, winning means being number 1. The two, as in ‘it takes two to tango’. It is about partnerships: yin and yang, salt and pepper.  The 8 is the infinity sign on it’s side and means manifesting and abundance.

                                              The full energy of a word on a spectrum.

Let’s take the word leadership. It is an attribute of the number 1. Now think of the concept of leadership from the best boss you have had to the least favorite one.



Each attribute can be viewed this way. We can also use the antonym of the word to understand ourselves. I choose the more positive aspect of the word.  Again, I like the word attribute and the positive aspect because of a quote I had seen in an office. The quote was;

“Beatings will continue until morale improves.”

I had seen this quote on the wall of a Deans office in a Catholic high school twenty years ago. It has stuck with me this entire time because it is sarcastic (My most cherished ‘3’ energy.) and because it reminds me not to beat myself up. I feel no one understands this better than me. I have been feeling depression, suicidal thoughts and general self-loathing for the majority of my life.  The last ten years of my spiritual education has me completely aware of self-deprecating thoughts on a daily basis. This verbal abuse simply does not work. 

Do you see that this same energy is in this person with a 1 in their Numerology?  This drive of the 1, this desire inside can either be inspiring or ego driven, insecure and bossy. It is the same energy though. 

How people treat you is a reflection of how you treat people. Period.


How you treat yourself is how you treat others.

Seeing this first-hand, with clients, at book events, and working with the public, I have learned; people love compliments, they need compliments, and people respond best when given honest and positive feedback.

Compliments, or what I like to refer to as ‘attributes’, is self-actualization at its best when we can give them to ourselves. According to Maslow Hierarchy of needs; when we have our basic needs met, self-actualization is our next level of growth as human beings.

 In the beginning, I used the negative side of attributes to work on myself and although this work propelled me forward, it was also another form of ‘beating myself up’ I would use: “See, you suck. You’re a sarcastic, ego driven person so filled with insecurity you will never get anywhere in life.”

 When I first began using numerology for myself I could see things that I wanted to improve. Like the sarcasm thing. I began to see that I was using my creative expression (3 energy) in a dishonest way. My sarcastic comments were funny but, I was not expressing the truth. I was hiding behind a wise crack in effort to hide my true feelings. 

Being on year fourteen of this serious self-actualization has given me so many gifts. The last ten of these years, with a more spiritual bent, has brought me the most helpful information. In retrospect, I realize that by seeing, reading and exploring the positive bits of myself propelled me the furthest.   

The word and number lists that are shared here are a snap shot of the energy of each number according to my interpretation. Each Numerologist has a slightly different take on the numbers. This is by design. The numerologist you are attracted to has the information you need, trust this attraction. Below I have included some attributes for each number 1-9. For a longer list consult my book (buy it at Amazon).

I want to share some applications that I have been inspired to create. They are how I have used attributes to help clients. From the beginning, I could see how helpful this information would have been to me when I was younger.

First, let’s talk a bit more about numerology and go through some examples of how you can use your word list. I create personalized numerology projects. The one for toddlers encourages them to write and express their feelings. The one for tweens and teens guides them to create cross words and art with their attributes. The SoulJournal and my book “Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness use the attributes in many ways to support adults.

-          Numerology provides you with information to help you set meaningful intention and awareness of appropriate goals. Most important, it offers support with your goals.

-          This ‘energy’ is there for us to tap into. Similar to how we can tap into our dreams, we can tap into numbers.

-          It is energy in the form of information, which is offered to us. There is no consequence if we chose not to use it.

-          Just as we can use our dreams to solve our daily problems, shed light on our fears and get inspiration, we can do the same with numerology.

-          Numerology beckons us to come into harmony with the true nature of ourselves.

-          Numerology aids you in honoring SELF.

-          This natural process will empower you to take notice of your life.

-          By finding meaning and fulfilment in who you are, you can accomplish anything. 

-          It provides you with information to discover your own truth and opens a path to your Soul and all aspects of self.

-          Numerology enables an awareness of what constitutes ‘you’.  Body awareness is the best type of awareness to transform and extend the understanding you have of yourself. It is said your body is your connection to Spirit and Soul. This has been a great accidental discovery for me. My hope is to guide you to it.


Dan Millan states, “I can’t rationally explain how…I can only know, based on empirical testing, that the system works- that it can bring lives into focus.”

By assigning numeric values to letters A,J,S = 1, B,K,T = 2 and so on, then totaling the numbers the outcome of a single digit gives it meaning. You may already be familiar with some of these: 1 signifies leadership, 2 means balance, the number 8 is infinity.

I encourage you to use your attributes in all the ways I offer here and please invent a few of your own!

Here is another way to find numbers in your Numerology chart:

1)      Life Path number – 2,3 or 4 different numbers. Here is how you figure them out:

Calculate your Numerology from Tricia Gunberg's "Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness"

Calculate your Numerology from Tricia Gunberg's "Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness"

This example of the 37/10 Life Path has three sets of attributes to look up. Use the 3, 7 and 1 to find all the attributes for this number. Other examples are 30/3, this life path would concentrate on the 3. I will be adding an entire post or several to discuss “0”. The Life Path 38/11 would look at attributes for the 3, 8, 1 and the 2. Yes, especially the 2 (11= 1+1=2) because you need to understand the reason for your sensitivity (2) and work through it.

a. #YouRock for teens example

#YouRock Numerology for Teens by Tricia Gunberg

#YouRock Numerology for Teens by Tricia Gunberg

Cross Word puzzle for Tweens and Teens by Tricia Gunberg, author of #YouRock

Cross Word puzzle for Tweens and Teens by Tricia Gunberg, author of #YouRock

These samples for teens are a fun and easy project. You can also use other statements to create affirmations such as; I am, I can, and I have.

b. SoulJournal example


Page from Tricia Gunberg's Numerology  SoulJournal

Page from Tricia Gunberg's Numerology  SoulJournal

The Energy of the number 5 by Tricia Gunberg

The Energy of the number 5 by Tricia Gunberg


c.  AboutMe example

Numerology for Toddlers by Tricia Gunberg, "About Me"

Numerology for Toddlers by Tricia Gunberg, "About Me"


2)      Repeated Numbers- get a numerology reading, work on numbers that show up most often in your chart

3)      Business Numerology- discover your numbers to create:

a. motto

b. mission statement

c. focus and direction

Here are 3 attributes for the numbers 1-9. Understand there are more attributes but this will get you started.

1   (letters A, J and S)




(letters B,K and L)




3 (Letters C, L and U)




(Letters D, M and V)




(Letters E, N and W)




(Letter F,O and X)


Unconditional Love


(Letters G, P and Y)




(Letter H,Q and Z)




9 (Letters I and R)





If you enjoyed leaning this about yourself and would like a full numerology chart done, please contact me. You will learn more as we explore Numerology A-Z, over the next 26 instalments. I look forward to sharing what I have learned over the last decade. The next article is an intro into Business Numerology, see you there.

If you have been inspired and would like to share please comment below, I’d love to hear your insights.

Love and Light,