The ABC's of Your 123's ~P is for Personal Year~

Personal Years are in a 9 year cycle, 1-9

Personal Years are in a 9 year cycle, 1-9


The ABC’s of Your 123’s
P is for Personal Year
Using Numerology to See Your Future

From the beginning, the Personal Year number in Numerology has helped guide me and offer clarity and direction to my clients. With simply adding the month and day you were born to the current year, you can figure this out too.

The very first and only numerology workshop I attended laid this concept out. It totally blew me away! I did the math and looked up at the board. I’m in a 7 Year which means it is a time to withdraw, study and spend time alone. This was such a relief, this was EXACTALLY what I was doing. It was the REASON I was at the workshop (to study)! I felt a bit obsessed (and guilty!) about my self-induced study habits as I would read every spiritual and self help book I could get my hands on. I’d spend hours writing down my dreams and doing Google searches for their meanings. I’d sit half the day in the library studying the many forms of deviation, learning about Reiki and other healing modalities.

I used it to go backwards too and could see my phases corresponding with the energy of the numbers. It was incredible how well events in my life matched. Moving to Durango in a 9 Personal Year. The 9 is about things coming to an end or conclusion. Moving again to Hawaii nine years later, in a 9 Personal Year. Lots of endings in both scenarios. My book started in a 1 Personal Year, the one being about new beginnings, was the beginning of a whole new life for me to say the least. In my latest 3 Personal Year I created 3 new products! Because I knew a head of time of the potential of the number 3 (creative expression), I allowed myself to tap into it. Going with the flow of my creativity was a good feeling- so glad I permitted myself the time to do this! (Bonus: I use my fitness focus to e x p a n d on it too which I will explain in detail in a future post.)

Doing readings early on for family members helped me hone my chops. One specific reading sticks out in my mind about the Personal Year 9.

 Looking at a chart, I could see that a major shift was coming for a niece in 2015. It was going to be a Personal Year 9 for her, which meant something was coming to an end. Her Pinnacle was shifting from a 1 to a 4. This baffled me as I would interpret the one as being independence and the 4 being building family or a family responsibility. She also had several 6’s in her chart which is about being domestic, further confusing me since I knew she didn’t want children. I contemplated how to tell her what I was interpreting and decided to pull some Life Purpose cards. I pulled 3 cards all relating to children. As I stood over the cards trying to make sense of them, “Well maybe it means you give birth to a new project?” “Maybe you’ll be taking care of something important?” I was really fishing to find another meaning besides you’re going to have a baby. She finally smiled at me, “I know what it all means.” She whispers, “Don’t tell anyone yet, but I want to have a baby. We want to start a family.”  Update: Her daughter was born in 2015, just like the reading had indicated to me.  

  In my book, I use the Personal Year to help set fitness goals – using the support for the year to really amp up your resolve. In “B is for Business” post, I teach you how to use the Personal Year Number to help with business goals.

Let’s see where you are at. Do the math below and scroll down for your Personal Year Number. Add up all the digits until you get a single digit.



(_____ +_____) + (_____ +_____) + ( ____ + _____+ ____ + ____) =  _______

 Month of Birth           Day of Birth                Current Year

                                            ______ + ______ = ______ 

                                                 Personal Year Number



 Here is a mini Personal Year reading for you.

Personal Year 1 New Beginnings

Personal Year 2 Partnerships

Personal Year 3 Creativity

Personal Year 4 Work

Personal Year 5 Risk

Personal Year 6 Love

Personal Year 7 Wisdom

Personal Year 8 Manifesting

Personal Year 9 Conclusions

May you all allow yourself to go with the flow of these energies. If you’d like to know more or would like to see how they relate to other cycles in your chart like your pinnacles (turning points) or life cycles schedule a reading with me.
Love and Light,