The ABC's of Your 123's ~U is for Universal Year ~

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The ABC’s of your 123’s
U is for Universal Year

See the future with Numerology

Are you getting the nudge to be more or do better? Or maybe you are frustrated by something and want to be the part of the change? If so, you are feeling the energy of 2018.

 Last year, 2017, was a 1 Universal Year (we add all the digits to a single digit) and the beginning of a nine-year cycle. It encouraged me to reflect on the energy of my own Personal Years. Questions like: What had I started in Personal Year 1?  Am I on track? What is coming next year? How did I fare this year? How had my own book helped with my fitness journey? How will the next set of cycles be different then the last?

From my first reading from numerologist Shey (her FB page) in 2010, to my latest reading, I continued to be excited about the insight the Personal Year gives. (See P is for Personal Year) During a numerology workshop by Shey, I learned all was in place, from the withdrawing I was doing in the 7 Personal Year (2011), to the big time letting go in 2013- a 9 Personal Year. My life was beginning to make sense and I could see patterns. (Note in 2013, my husband and I sold/gave almost everything we owned and moved to Hawaii.) This numerology life review also helped me feel less nuts AND propelled me into an amplified spiritual and personal growth like no other.

This Universal Year energy, similar to the Personal Year energy, is an umbrella of energy over everyone. It is there for all to tap into. For example, 2017 gave us an opportunity to start new things because it was the energy of the number 1. (add all the digits, reducing it to a single digit.)  What will 2018 bring? Adding 2, 0, 1 and the 8 gives us an 11,- this is exciting in its self, and I will get to it but, first- lets add the 11 = 1+1= 2.

When we look at 2018 in terms of the number 2, it is an energy of sensitivity. It is important to understand the power of attraction vs. action. Think: attraction. What does this mean to you? While you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off because you have so much to do, you are attracting other people with their heads cut off. AND when someone calm, cool and collected enters your presents you think they are insane, lazy or they ‘just don’t get it’.  Consider what you are attracting. Is this working for you? Would you like to be more calm, cool and collected? What would you like to attract? Be THAT. Or start noticing and appreciating people you would like to emulate.

Keep an open mind with this new approach. As a person who used to have 3 jobs, and never worked less than forty hours a week even when I went to college full time, I am here to tell you there is a much more interesting way.  Expect 2018 will bring you opportunities to work with others- the energy of 2 is about partnerships. Also, expect new fun projects that makes your heart expand- but again, expect them, do not force or try to create (this is so last year- ha!) them.

Wait and watch in 2018

Patience is a tough one, a virtue- arrg! You’ll want to be doing, you can. Do small things, but the waiting… how do we change that energy? We do not want the Universe to think we want to cast our dreams into the future. Abraham Hicks calls it ‘getting ready to be ready’. Instead of waiting try to meditate, look for ways to enjoy yourself more in both work and play and ask the question, “If I was a millionaire, what would I do in this situation?” You might need to ask yourself different questions. Referring to your numerology will be helpful, getting a reading, and or look at the questions below.

Update: We have less than 4 months of 2018 left to get a handle on the energy that has been provided. How are you faring?


   Universal Energy of 2018 as a Master number 11


I have seen the debate from numerologists. Some believe the number eleven needs to be left alone- not added to become the number 2. The Master Number 11 comes with an interesting and intense energy. Here is a definition from numerologist Felicia Bender. (Felicia does informative and professional numerology YouTube videos.)

MASTER NUMBER 11 Life Path: “To become an inspired healer, creative artist, and spiritual catalyst. The Master Number brings with it an intensity that is undeniable and “ups the ante” substantially. I’ll say that you’ve come with a higher spiritual purpose, no matter how you might define that. The Master Numbers bring with them a higher vibration.
So in practical terms, this means that you’re going to feel high-strung when you’re working with a Master Number as your Life Path. You’re going to feel a constant push and pull to be more and do better, sometimes to the point of distraction. You might also notice that you have higher expectations for yourself, even when others can’t see that those feelings are going on inside of you."

Notice she says that 11’s can be high-strung, feel a constant push, have high expectations and intense challenges. This is the reason I reduce it to the number 2. Because of the hundreds of readings I have done, I see ‘mastering’ the number 2 energies are imperative. The sensitive energy of the 2 must be understood or the sensitivity you experience will distract you.  

Tony Robins is a Life Path 11. People are over the moon for Tony- he is the big time and he teaches us to be better more mindful people. Tony appears to have been able step into his Master Healer shoes and to capitalize on everything that is the 1 energy: unique, creative and booming leadership skills.


There is another side of the 11- when the person cannot step into this unique energy. If the 29 creates the 11, the sensitive nature and concern for all humanity might be too much. Or if the 38 creates the 11, the creative expression goes unattended and wreaks havoc. One reading I did early in my career on a 29/11, his sensitive nature was enduring, his humor delightful but he couldn’t be who was inside because of the sensitivity. He needed to block out so much of what went on around him. Both negativity and kindnesses could overwhelm him. He chose to drink, this caused him to leave this earth too soon.

So, what does this have to do with 2018? Will it be a year that turns out to be Tony Robins, “personal development rock star” or the “gone too soon sensitive alcoholic”? Will we do some Master Healing or hide in a distraction of choice? (Over eating, over exercising, being really busy, alcohol, smoking- to name a few.)

Here is the fun part. YOU set the tone. YOU can plant some seeds.

Universal Year 2019.JPG


What will blossom for you and for the world in 2019?


Next year, 2019, has a 3 energy– creative expression, it will be a time to be brave and share some of those ideas you have or record your experience in some way. The world will be learning what came of the seeds that were planted in 2017. We will start seeing what was created. What have you created? 


Take some time to reflect:

¨ What seeds have you planted?

¨ What will you do to support yourself while you are quietly waiting and watching in the 2018 2 Universal Year?

¨ What are looking forward to blossoming in 2019?

¨ Where else is an a 1 or 11 in your chart? Pinnacles? Life Cycles? Challenges?   


As with every moment of every day,

we have a choice (C is for Choice blog post).  

Love and Light,


Using Numerology for self-actualization has been a blessing for me. Exploring Numerology helped me discover my intuitive abilities. Applying my interpretation of Numerology to help clients, loved ones and strangers has impacted my life in a profound way.


To figure our your Numerology consult my book (buy it at Amazon).