The ABC's of Your 123's ~T is for Tenedencies ~

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The ABC’s of your 123’s
T is for Tendencies
Important Tips for Those with 7 in their Numerology

How honest are you?

My preference is to focus on the most positive parts of a numerology reading, attributes (link) I call them. Each number has both a desirable and less desirable side to them, and you could use the terms ‘positive’ and ‘negative’, but how can it be negative when you learn from it? In 'S is for Sensitive' we discussed how those with a ‘2’ could be overwhelmed because of their innate ability to be sensitive. As with our hidden tendency’s, we can get stuck, like the 2’s, in a behavior pattern if we do not understand ourselves fully. Numerology reveals these hidden tendencies and provides support and understanding.

Note each number that correlates with each letter in your name. Do any numbers repeat four or more times?  

Note each number that correlates with each letter in your name. Do any numbers repeat four or more times?  

Hidden tendencies are calculated by noting all the numbers in your name that occur four or more times. Here is the chart. Use your full name at birth.

As with repeated numbers  that occur in your numerology chart, it is a good idea to take a look at your hidden tendencies to be sure you’re using the energy to your advantage.  Here is a brief description on numbers 1, 3, 5 and 7 with an interpretation of a hidden tendencies for them:



1 Confidence -leadership skills driven by a lack of confidence creates a bossy person that is opinionated and domineering.  On the other hand, a confident leader inspires others.



3 Expression- self-doubt in this creative energy of expression could flow as sarcasm,. Knocking people out with biting wit is not helpful nor loving. It is also a waste of creative energy. When it is heartfelt, expression can be awe inspiring, stunning and emotionally moving.  

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5 Personal Freedom- this drive can create: overindulgence, impulsiveness, and hastiness at others expense. When discipline is added to freedom; adventure, excitement and self-mastery is the result.

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7 Trust- safe to open up  When a person does not feel safe to open up they can be secretive, even scheming, and/or withdrawing themselves in some manner.

As you can see, the energy of the numbers can create hidden

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I’d like to focus on the number 7. You could have the number 7 in your Life Path (calculate it here) or as a Hidden Tendency. It has revealed much to me. Personally, I find the topic of ‘honesty’ to be even more difficult than ‘sensitivity’. Dealing with my own tendency to withdraw helps me understand it but, telling someone they are not honest goes over much like a lead balloon. No one, I mean it, no one, wants to or is willing to admit they are dishonest.

Do you lie to yourself as much as I lie to myself?

The 7 is about trust and openness, two very important things not to be taken for granted. The trick is to be aware of this hidden tendency of the 7.The Law of Honesty and the Law of Faith is suggested study by Numerologist Dan Millman.

I have first hand knowledge of these tendencies.  

I lie.

I lie all the time.

I am so good at it, I don't even recognize it half the time.

(for full blog post on my Entrepreneurial Lies and Manifesting)

As my live goes, while I was working on this blog post on honesty, I came across Dr. Caroline Myss in her TedTalk on Choices. She suggests the first choice we make in life is integrity and asks, "How honest are you?" Also, Myss strongly suggests we not only live our truth but, tell the truth. She believes our lack of honestly causes us much pain.  

I agree.

Going into more detail with my dishonesty in a blog post helped me understand a bit better how I lie to myself. Calling yourself out on your own shit helps.

I am starting to get it.  This being honest thing. This being in integrity. It does work to my advantage. It will work to your advantage. It is another way to say yes to who you are!

And you probably thought I was going to quote past president (POUSA) Lincoln, as in "I can not tell a lie." Well, history has taught me that no one can tell a lie better than a President, so I am going to be motivated by that. By being mindful, I will try to stop myself from now on! My next step is to be as honest as Myss suggests- this might take some doing. Telling other people my feelings (I point blank hide my feelings still.) It is just too scary for me most of the time! I’ll continue working on being honest with myself, sharing bits with others as I go. 

Are you working on your honesty? How is it going? Click on a Soical icon below to share your thoughts or comment below.

Love, Light and Honest T,


Using Numerology for self-actualization has been a blessing for me. Exploring Numerology helped me discover my intuitive abilities. Applying my interpretation of Numerology to help clients, loved ones and strangers has impacted my life in a profound way.

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