The ABC's of Your 123's ~S is for Sensitive ~

The ABC’s of your 123’s
S is for Sensitive
Important numerology for those with 2’s in their life path

Originally, I wanted the letter ‘S’ to represent Super Powers for this AtoZ writing challenge. This is a term I started using to teach kids about their attributes via numerology. After hundreds of readings for adults though, I have come to realize the importance of understanding sensitivity. For those people with 2’s in their numerology as well as highly intuitive people, the opportunity to understand their sensitive nature is imperative. I offer it here so that the attribute of sensitivity does not trip us up but, becomes the super power it was meant to be. 

So, for all my 2’s, you big ol’ love bugs; I dedicate this to you.

If you have a 2, you are sensitive. It is your super power! Being hyper aware of other peoples’ needs and having a driving desire to care for them is who you are naturally. This is why I love 2’s. They are here to love on us, take care us and show us compassion and love.

 But- and this is a B I G  but!

They forget their sensitive nature is there for them to tune into themselves first.  They need to fill up their cup, put on their oxygen mask first and love on themselves. By doing this, not only are they good examples for us to follow but they will have more loving energy to give.

Let’s check if you or someone you love has a 2. Do the easy math below.

If  the number 2 shows up anywhere in the purple circle- this message is for you!

If  the number 2 shows up anywhere in the purple circle- this message is for you!


Ever have anyone ask you why you were having a bad day? Or why you were grumpy or discombobulated and you had no idea why you were in such a state and how you got there?  

I know why. 

It is either your own thoughts and feelings weighing you down or it is other peoples’ thoughts and feelings.

Do you realize how often each day that someone else’s ‘funk’ gets on you? The bartender that just had a fight with his girlfriend or the waitress that just got divorced. These are just casual interludes. What about your hair dresser that just had a complete melt down or your massage therapist that is angry at their children? They touch you, physically, and transfer that energy to you. These are not insignificant things, if you are reading this, you are a sensitive person and as a sensitive, you are prone to taking on other peoples’ funk.

You can protect yourself from your own thoughts and other peoples' funk.

If it is your own thoughts that weigh you down, consider a few things. Do you do a lot for others? Do you  feel there is nothing left for you? Do you feel like you have no choice in this? (Read C is for Choice if this rings a bell.)

So how do we protect ourselves from people and their unwanted energy without avoiding them?  All while being open, loving and available? I know you want to be open, loving and available but not worn out😊.

4 Steps to Keeping the Funk Out

#1) Give yourself a break.  

You don’t have to be available to everyone or everything, not even family members. If you are unable to deal with the energy, give yourself a break from it. A core message I give to those with a 2 is this:

Say ‘yes’ only if asked and only if you love the task.

This statement is very important. Think about all the things you do for others. If you feel you do things and other people do not appreciate your efforts, stop doing them. Doing things to get appreciation is the WRONG reason to do them and you will wear yourself out every time.                                                    

Side note: Check your Numerology further. Natural cycles will give you an opportunity to attend to your sensitive nature. For example,  Ii you’re in Personal Year 6 there will be opportunity for you to become aware of giving and receiving unconditional love and a willingness to let go of anyone who does not love you unconditionally.  If you had not gotten the message or worked through it during this 6 year, the following Personal Year with the 7 energy will force it upon you. In a 7 Personal Year, your propensity to spend more time by yourself, seek answers, and soul growth will help you see what drains your energy or doesn’t feel good. Side effects of indulging in this behavior include: alienating those that do not love you unconditionally because they think you are: “weird,” “going through something”, “having a break down,” etc. It is your job to tend to yourself and not worry about this side effect. Because you know that what other people think of you is not important, only what you think about yourself is important. To figure out your Personal Year, add your day and month of birth to current year. Example: born February 2=  2+2+2018 = 15  1+5= 6  Personal Year 6. (For more go to P is for Personal Year)

#2) Start a daily ritual of energy removal.

This could be anything with the ‘intent’ of removing those energies. Visualization, meditation, prayer, positive affirmations, essential oils, grounding, ocean water, walking in grass, exercise, or a shower. Practice any combination of these or make up one of your own.

#3) Add more moments of ease.

You will start to notice more moments of ease, enjoy then and use it as a catalyst to incorporate more.  What have you added from step 2 that you enjoy?  Start using them as a tool for challenging situations. Perform your ritual right before you get into a situation you know will be harsh, draining or contains unwanted energy. 

#4) Remove life situations that no longer serve you.

What life situations no longer serve you? This step takes guts so if you’re not ready for this, come back to it. This step of releasing takes much faith but, with faith comes grace and ease. Reducing the amount of unwanted energy that you are in contact with will be a boon. ( Some examples are: Violent TV shows, News, Facebook rants, negative people, etc.) Suggested phrases:  “I release all things that do not serve my greatest and highest good.” “I allow all things that are not in line with my health and wellness to fall away.” Add these thoughts to your daily ritual. Understand, anything you release (family member, volunteer activity) can be added back into your life later. When you are feeling less drained or overwhelmed you’ll look at situations differently. When you take care of you better, others will drain you and irritate you less.

Now, if you hear anyone say you'er grumpy or the dreaded, “You’re so sensitive”, you need not take offence. Yes, you are a sensitive beautiful creature here to show the world your loving and compassionate soul. Take these words as a kind reminder to tend to yourself and do one of the steps listed above. Also, take it as a compliment; your sensitivity is there to help you tune into yourself – when you get what you need you can be so much more open, loving and available for others.

I’d love to do a 1:1 consult or a workshop for a small group on the above steps (Step 2 could take several hours alone) so if you are interested, let me know.

Love and Light,

  PS My book (buy it at Amazon) has more ideas for the sensitive energy of 2's.  Read the Health and Wellness Path 2 section.