The ABC's of Your 123's ~R is for Repeated Numbers~


The ABC’s of your 123’s
R is for Repeated Numbers

Do you have repeated numbers in your Numerology chart or do you see repeated numbers?

Both of these conditions are important.

 You know that friend that sees you approaching, you make eye contact and yet they jump up and down waving their hands? Slightly annoying and yet you appreciate their enthusiasm.

This is repeated numbers.

They REALLY, REALLY want to get your attention. And like your friend, are eager to spend some time with you.

A Google search will get you nearly five million hits on the subject of ‘repeated numbers.’ The number, or time as it is, 11:11 will get you thirty-three million hits. This phenomenon seems to be almost common placed. Back in September 2017 my eighty three-year-old catholic mother asked me, “Hey, I keep seeing 11:11 on the clock, does that mean anything?” I just about feel off my chair. This repeated numbers business has reached full penetration.

My first favorite resources back when I started noticing repeated numbers were Laurra Warnke at and Joanne Walmsley @sacredscribesangelnumbers. Interestingly, the first repeated numbers I saw was 4:44 on my dashboard.  The Google search on this lead me to Doreen Virtues website and the number she uses is 444. Doreen has a complete list of repeated numbers and I’ve noticed many other websites having definitions, word for word, the same as at Doreen Virtue’s site.

Recently, an intuitive friend and I were playing around with an idea for an app on repeated numbers. The message I got for 444 was; “You are building a solid foundation, heading in the right direction. You are supported.” I like this message. I need this message. And, it really resonates with me. Now, when I see 4:44 (often), I feel supported.

The whole point of seeing repeated numbers is the fact that you noticed.

Yes, simply noticed.

This act of noticing your surroundings means you are present. Subtle information has gotten your attention. This is how I can do weekly ‘readings’ on signs and symbols, because I have been practicing this awareness for ten years. (Study of signs and symbols through dream interpretation helped too.) 

Being in the now.

So important.

Even if it is for brief moments. These brief moments are building blocks. You may have heard the phrase; prayer is asking, mediation is listening. Seeing repeated numbers means you are capable of listening. YEaH YoU!

Time and experience has transformed my initial approach to repeated numbers. The best interpretation lies in your own interpretation. I do share with you my interpretation of repeated numbers below. But consider the following questions:

What were you thinking or doing when you see the numbers?
What meaning of the number feels good to you?
What resonates?
Do you have those numbers in your numerology?

 Please, feel free to use my book to discover your numerology and for the attributes of the numbers 1-9 ;0.

This is a nice segue into seeing repeated numbers in your Numerology. With over thirty numbers to consider, it can be overwhelming. If you are considering learning more about interpreting your own chart or want to do readings for others, looking for repeated numbers is a good place to start. For me this quick assessment gives me a starting point. It shows me, first of all, which number energies you need to be working on. In the case of Life Cycles and Pinnacle it tells me when it is best to work on those energies.

9 warhol.gif

Here is an example with repeated 9’s.

Birthday of April 26, 1995 = 36/9 Health and Wellness Path

This person’s name at birth created the following Name Numerology

Motivation: 9
Inner Self (Personality): 9
Expression: 9

With a Life Path of 9, is there really any question what this person needs to understand about themselves? Clearly this 36/9 is here to inspire others and working through anything that would tell her otherwise. She doesn’t have any 9’s in her Life Cycles or Pinnacles. Extra support in working with the 9 energy will come in 2022, when she is age twenty seven. Notice the age twenty seven is also a 9, 2+7=9. Her first Life Cycle is a 4 which she will be working until 2023. Understanding the 4 is present so she can build a solid foundation, is very important. If indeed she excepts the fact she is here to inspire in a big way, she will need to do some work first. Being organized and able to go with the flow as her first Life Cycle of 4 will prepare her well.

Here is another example with repeated 6, 1 and 9’s.

Birthday of October 24, 1966=  38/11 Health and Wellness Path
Motivation: 1
Hidden Tendency: 9

First notice, three 6’s in the birth date (24= 2+4=6 for day of birth) and born in ’66. The 11 Life Path pops out immediately as it is a Master Number and I write this in 2018, which is also an 11. Those 6’s could trip up this person up if they are not aware of their perfectionist tendency’s (6 energy). This 38/11 is in a Personal Year 8 and will be in a 9 year when her birthday comes up in October. This tells me that a few things in her life might need to come to a completion, so she can step into the leadership (double 1’s of the eleven) roll the 11 Life Path is asking of her.


Congratulations on seeing repeated numbers! It is just the beginning. Keep your eye out for more messages from the Universe.

What is your favorite repeated number? Do you have a favorite that repeats in your Numerology? I’d love to hear about your experiences with repeated numbers.  


Here is a short, in the works, list of my interpretation of repeated numbers and their meaning. Do any of them resonate with you?

A bridge needs to be constructed. What do you want to learn? Start there.


Manifest what is yours. What do you want?


New beginnings beacon you dear one. Let’s start something new today!


Honor your sensitivity. What do you need?


Create. Create. Create. No excuses. The world needs you to express yourself.


You are building a solid foundation, heading in the right direction. You are supported.


Hair raising changes. Are you ready to embrace them?


Love in crazy amounts. Don’t control it, enjoy it.


When you see this it is time to get to work. Yes, your heading in the right direction, but there is something you need to learn. See 77


Stop procrastinating


You’re going to start seeing repeated numbers everywhere now! Well, at least you know why  and you can use this as your reference guide. Want an emailed copy of your numerology chart? Donate $4.44 below and I will send you one so you can see if you have any repeated numbers.

Love and Light,