Do you have a 3 in your Life Path? Are you Creatively Living Your Light?

#ThrowBackThursday. I dedicate this to a beautiful young 13/4 who I met recently. When I told her what my business was about she said,  "You are following your dreams, you are so brave, more people need to do that." Did I mention she is only 18! I stood there wishing I had her wisdom at age 18! No matter, I am here now and I still have something to offer her. Here is a bit on the important #3 energy. (Thank you Amelia for your encouragment!)

If you have a 3 in your life path, this is an important question for you to ponder. (Add all the digits of your birth date, if the double digit has a 3 or if they add to a 3, I am talking to you!)

We are here in human form, why do you think that is? Your hands can make things, your mind can create something that does not exists, this is not an accident. What do you want to make? What have you been burning to bring forth? Stop procrastinating and start telling yourself:


#1 I have everything I need

#2 I love to create

#3 I am creative

#4 My life allows and requires me to be creative.

End of sentience, now get to it.

Love and Light,


The ABC's of Your 123's ~L is for Life Path~

Life Path art 10.jpg

The ABC’s of your 123’s
L is for Life Path
How Tricia Gunberg uses Numerology to explain your Life Path

Your Life Path is the sum of all the digits of your date of birth. Numbers contain energy and when applied to things, provide meaning. They speak to you, much like music, at the soul level. When you align yourself with the numbers in your cart, amazing things happen.  Besides your date of birth, a date on the calendar, even your middle name can be defined using Numerology.

For example: 2017, when we add up all the digits we get a 10, adding it again we get a 1. The energy of the 1 is about new beginnings, uniqueness and a start of a new cycle. We had the first US president elected that had no military or political background- a unique first. #Metoo had started a unique approach to stopping sexual crimes.

Adding up all the numbers in your birthday until you get a single digit, gives us what numerologists call, a Life Path number. Most numerologist have you add all digit to a single digit like so:

What is your Life Path Tricia Gunberg.JPG

Much emphasis is put on the final digit, or Life Path. A search on “Life Path Number” yields 56,700,000 results. (Don’t confuse me with the other Numerologist Trisha G. from the UK, my name is spelled Tricia and I always include my last name; Gunberg. She discusses Master Numbers a bit more and does live YouTube discussions.) Dan Millman's book has  guided me from the beginning. He does an eloquent job of describing your life’s purpose. For example; “Individuals working 2 as their life purpose are here to clarify the limits of their responsibility and learn to work with others in a spirit of harmony, balance, and mutual support.” The 2 has the challenge of balancing their compelling sense of responsibility to others with their own inner needs. After working with 2’s, I recognized this challenge and in trying to explain Dan's statement I came up with this interpretation:

"Only say YES when asked and only if you love the task." 
                    ~Best advice for a Life Path 2, from Tricia Gunberg~

Through the many readings I have done over the last 8 years, I found the numbers that add together are just as important as the single digit Life Path number itself.   All of these numbers provide clarity, direction and focus for your life and goals. The biggest most important factor I have come to understand:

Numerology provides truth.

The truth about yourself. I refer to these truths as attributes. This is especially true for the aforementioned 2’s. Understanding themselves and finding that balance is so important.

“Know Thy Self”

It is important to know the truth about yourself because it creates harmony. For this reason I named my book: “Saying YES to Who You Are to Create Fitness”.  Knowing your truth can only create harmony if you say “YES” to it. Embracing who you are is necessary. It is in the resisting of who we are that creates problems and frustration. I didn’t come up with this concept, I just create tools to help us in this journey. Many gurus, including Eckart Tolle and Abraham Hicks teach this by telling us to accept the present moment.

In my book, your Life Path number is used to give you Health and Wellness guidance. See the sample below.  In a typical numerology reading with me, I use all the numbers of your Life Path. You could have 3, 4 or 5 numbers. I list your attributes, (your super powers)- you have many, a few of your challenges and your Health and Wellness guidance.

Here is an example of a reading for a 21/3

 This is a Life Path 3, with the energy of all 3 different numbers: 2, 1 and 3 being important.

Your super powers for a 21/3 or 12/3 Life Path:



Creative Expression


Life Path 2 Numerology Tricia Gunbergjpg


2  represents the letters B,K and T












Life Path 1 Photo.jpg



1   represents the letters A, J and







Physical body





Life Path 3 Tricia Gunberg Photo.jpg


3  (Letters C, L and U)














The suggested reading/study for the Life Path 21/3 or 12/3 is all three of the digits in 'Say YES to Who You Are to Create Fitness'. I have included the reading for the 2 Life Path, directly from my book, below. For a 21/3 or 12/3 Life Path, working with the 2 energy is important. For the rest of your numbers consult my book or schedule a reading with me.  By studying your word lists for each number, you can see which of the numbers give you the most challenges.

Since many of you have a 2 in your Life Path, I would like to share my guidance with you. You are beautiful sensitive soles and the world needs you. Taking care of yourself is step one in taking care of others.

2 Health and Wellness Path
You need exercise to release muscular tension, requires attention to breath and balance. Examples: yoga, Pilates, step aerobics, sex-ooh, this is tension releasing and deep breathing!  Include independent activities for yourself and above all choose what YOU like. Try uplifting movement with music, dancing, or deep breathing. Add beauty to your workout by choosing appealing colors and fabrics you wear to workout. Consider how you can beautify the surroundings. Include stretching and meditation every day.  If the idea of meditation does not appeal to you let me give you some tidbits. First, meditation does not have to be long. Secondly, it is not necessary to try to ‘clear your mind’. By putting your mind on one thing, you are doing a form of meditation. If your mind wanders, bring it back. Your mind will wander, this is not ‘failure’ on your part. Do not judge yourself when your mind does this. The awareness that your mind wandered is the work. Therefore, catching yourself when your mind wanders is what meditation is about. Here are some meditation ideas to get you started. Please try them.
Five Minute Meditation Ideas
·         Dry Brushing- before showering, use a dry brush on your entire body. Your goal is to keep your mind where your brush is (on your body) and offer positive thoughts with each brush stroke.
·         Forehead Down- on a desk or table, fold your arms on top of each other, placing your forehead on arms, scoot your chair back until comfortable. Breathe here until you feel complete.
·         Mind In Your Body- sit or lay comfortably, starting at your head, putting your mind in each body part as you make your way down your body. Stay in each body part as long as you like or until you feel a sensation.
·         I Love My Feet- before bed, massage your feet with lotion or oil. As you work, thank your feet for all they do for you.
·         Love My Hands- do this any time of the day, especially if you use your hands for work. Massage them and thank them for all the tasks they attend to.
I need to repeat, the exercise you choose needs to be something you want to do. You will soon see, it is in the choosing, you fail yourself. Let’s make this clear, pretend you only get one chance to choose. Imagine you can only pick one kind of exercise, only one. Close your eyes, take a few breaths and choose. Now, what did you choose? You can also know by choosing what it is you truly desire, in itself, is a lesson for you. You will not do anyone any good if you continue to make choices based on what others think or what others want.
Your only problem losing weight as a two, is when you create limits for yourself. If you only have thirty minutes to walk because your schedule is too full, you do not get the benefits of a sixty-minute walk. It is best if you allow yourself more time and stop when you feel like it. “Feeling” is the key here. When you allow yourself to feel, you will soon be able to use this as your guide and be true to yourself. Honoring yourself in this way will inspire much weight loss.
When twos make food choices, consider the area in which it is consumed. It is important the environment be peaceful to fully enjoy the meal. A better connection to the food will be made. Consider talking to your food. This might sound crazy, heck it looks crazy, but it creates a relationship. No need to talk out loud, only to pause for a moment to set an intention. Tell the food to nourish your body fully and to bring all the energy necessary. If you can create a loving relationship between your food and body, (balance) you will no longer struggle with your weight. This relationship is one of creating balance which is one of your lessons in life.

Affirmations: “My food goes into my body creating all the energy I need. I love my food and what it can do for my body.”

Understand the Life Path gives us just 2-5 of the numbers in our charts. So much more can be gleamed from other numbers, about 30 or so of them! Your life path is a good place to start though. I encourage you to explore all the ways to self-actualization. When you know you self, you will love and appreciate yourself more!

Love and Light,



The ABC's of Your 123's ~C is for Choices~

Important numerology for those with 3’s in their life path
3 Steps to Stop Wasting Time and Increase Productivity Using the Law of Choice

“We create in constructive ways, or we create in destructive ways;
either way, creative energy finds expression.”
Dan Millman The Life You Were Born to Live

My attempts to find out the origin and history of the Spiritual Laws had me running in circles. Historically, Buddha, Jesus and many others taught spiritual law in parables. Modern-day examples include Dan Millman’s twelve Spiritual Laws he discusses in relation to numerology and Deepak Chopra has seven Spiritual Laws of Success. The Law of Attraction was presented as a secret and the concept of spiritual laws has become a mainstream conversation. 

It is clear to me that people with a 3 in their Numerology will benefit from using the Law of Choice. They (We) can stop wasting time and increase productivity.  

Oracle Numerology Cards by Tricia Gunberg #3.jpg

What does the Law of Choices have to do with wasting time and increasing your productivity?

We make choices, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. By being aware of this we can harness the energy offered to us, as explained through numerology, to make the choices that serve our greatest and highest good.

I’ve learned some big lessons in the last decade of my life. Numerology has brought many of these lessons to me. The biggest lesson, so far,  is understanding the energy of the number 3. I see its constructive and destructive nature so clearly in myself and my clients. I often use the program Hoarders as an example of its energy. If you are not e x p r e s s i n g your creative energy you will become an episode of Hoarders. Your pent up creative energy can make you carry extra weight, create insomnia, reduce attention span, or party too much. Basically, you will be ‘carrying’ creative energy around, wreaking havoc and creating a mess! This number three could be the ENTIRE reason you waste time and are not productive.

We have a choice; we can choose to consider this creative energy and how we use it.

Good thing we have the Law of Choice on our side to help as well as these 3 steps to get us started.

 CHOICE – Courageously

Using the power of choice, we will explore these 3 steps:

Step 1 Understanding what time of day is best for you for each task on your list

Step 2 Turning off distractions
             (Especially if you have a number 3 in your Health and Wellness Life Path number.)

Step 3 Tapping into the energy of the day, month and year


Step 1
What time of day is optimal for each task?

If I had a hard work out at 6p.m., I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep until midnight. I can do a yoga class in the evening but not power walk, lift, or even do a dance class. My mind tends to turn off right around 2p.m. and it screams, “I need a nap.” If I don’t listen it says, “Okay, if we are working late today, I’d like a beer, a snack or a treat please.” Our body has natural rhythm, as does each individual person. Do you know what your rhythms are? When is the optimal time to write? When is it optimal time for you to exercise? Eat breakfast? Go to bed? This honors who you are so much! I cannot stress enough how important it is to understand these things about yourself. Many of my post include the tag; #sayyestowhoyouare, for this reason.

For insight to yourself via numerology, check out my book. It will also help you plan out a fitness plan.

Here is a list of ‘R’ words to get you started. When is the best time of the day for these important things?

                   Rest    Rejuvenate    Re-hydrate      Recreate     Restore   Recharge   Revenue

Step 2
Turn off and remove distractions

For the most part ‘multi-tasking’ is bullshit. It is an excuse to not be fully present. Did you see the video where the dad is ‘watching’ his son at the park? The dad is on his phone while some stranger kidnaps his son. This is your brain while multi-tasking: one of your projects is getting kidnapped. When your energy is not fully concentrating on what you are doing, you are sending out split energy, basically saying; “This is not important.” If it is not important, do not do it. If it is important, if you have integrity and you want jobs done to the best of your ability, turn off all distractions to attend to your task fully until it is complete.

Again, we go back to the Law of Choice. What will you choose? Turning off the distractions or using the distractions as an excuse to not get things done?

If you have a 3 in your Life Path, this will be especially difficult for you. Because your mind is so creative, it will be hard for you to see this tendency in yourself. If you also have a 7 in your Life Path, you’ll also be good at telling yourself little fibs to disguise this propensity in yourself.

Numerology of the number 7 "honesty"

Numerology of the number 7 "honesty"

The energy of three is a very creative force with much expression needing to come forth. There is so much you can accomplish, so many creative gifts you have to offer the world. Stay on task to complete your creative visions! You need not share all of them but, share them you must! Get on with it!

Removing Distractions

Is your home clean? Is your office organized? If not, this distraction can be stressing you out even if you prefer to believe it does not. Saucha is a limb of yoga regarding cleanliness. The idea of saucha is that the ‘old’ energy is sitting around and needs to be cleared out. I think this is where the stress comes from- this unfinished business is trying to get our attention. Your environment reflects your state of mind. What is your mind saying? What would you like it to say?

 If you want to balderdash yourself, you'll say you don’t have time. The ‘let it go’ advice does not apply here. As in, letting the dishes go until morning or letting the trash pile up. I used a meditation practice to help me with doing the dishes. I forced myself to recite all the good things about doing the dishes as a meditation. Abraham Hicks would call this a gratitude rant. It goes something like this:



See more healthy food ideas on my Instagram page.


A Sticky Mess!

I love the hot water. Every time I turn on the faucet, hot water comes out.
I have clean water, right in my house.
I have deep sink with delicious smelling soap to get the bubbles just right.
I have dirty dishes because I have so much delicious food to eat.
I have delicious food to eat because we have jobs and can buy what we need.
My friend bought me these beautiful dishes and I love eating off of them.
My sister and mom buy me great tools for the kitchen that I want to keep clean.
I can peek at the beautiful sunset while doing the dishes in the evening.
I can get a lot done during commercials- most commercials are stupid anyway.

Now, when I hear myself say I don’t feel like doing the dishes, it feels disrespectful. So much goes into a dirty dish and having a nice kitchen, it doesn’t feel right to leave them unkepted. Maybe it is like parents who are bone tired but will take care of their children without complaining. You love them, they are a joy and you want to take good care of them because. Yes, because.

Oh, I all most forgot. The ‘time’ excuse. It literally (I do not like this over used and inappropriately used word but, it works here.) takes two commercials, sometimes three, to do all the dishes after dinner and wipe down the counter. That is 6 minutes. Six fricken minutes.
Give yourself permission to work on a few projects at a time. Limit them to 3 projects. Any projects you have not completed in a years’ time, apply the Law of Choice:

A)      Ask someone else to complete it.
You can hire someone.  Pass it on to a friend that has a similar interest. Perhaps a family member. For example, I had a family generation writing project I had wanted to do for five years. Finally, at a family get together, I made it a family project and we all had a good time working on it. Then I asked one family member to continuing it, she happily agreed.

B)      Chore chart- if it works, use one.
Understanding yourself better will help. Possibly there are some things you’re better at and vice versa.  Someone else could be more efficient at a chore. People are more inclined to volunteer and feels less like work if they like the task.

C)      Let it go.
Not all projects are meant to reach fruition. Sometimes we are too close to it when we first get the idea. We want so much for it to be successful. We desire our ‘break-out’ idea to launch us, but, we are simply too emotional about it. Trust that any project you let go of will come back to you when it’s ready.  Somethings are better if ignored for a long time: cheese, wine, whiskey, sauerkraut and your brilliant ideas. 

 Step 3 Tap into the energy of the day

Use Numerology to Find the Universal Energy of the Day (B is for Business for more)
This for me, is the best step. Having managed and practiced the first two steps, I now use the energy of each day to optimize my to-do list. If you have a list of things you need to accomplish for the month, like taxes, find the number on the calendar and use those days until the task is complete.

This feels both organized and free.

This ‘free-choice’ time works well for children and those with a 5 in their Health and Wellness path number. Having a list to choose from is liberating. If you’ve ever had to dress a toddler, you understand. As a nanny I discovered asking a toddler what they want to wear or telling them what to wear could create an hour-long negotiation. Magically offering a toddler two or three choices really works. 

Here is how to calculate the energy of the day. This is call Universal Day Energy, in numerology terms. It is calculated by adding all the digits of the date on the calendar. You can also get the Day energy for your personal birthday as well as the energy for your business. Book a reading with me or discover it for yourself by reading the article and/or go to B is for Business(link).

Here is how to calculate the Universal Day Energy for April 4, 2018

4+4+2+0+1+8 =  19=

4 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 8= 19

 1+9 = 10

(Current Month) + (Current Day) + (Current Year) = (Universal Day Number)


(______ +______) + (______ +______) + ( _____ + ______ + ______ + ______) =  _______


______ + ______ = ______ 

April, 4 2018 has the Universal Day Energy of the number 1. It is a good day to start new projects, make major decisions, take the lead, and aim for the top! For this is the energy of the number one. When adding, we reduce to a single digit and use the chart below to find the task that is best accomplished on this day. Each number 1-9, resonates with tasks we need to accomplish. Here are some examples of numbers and tasks:


                                                Energy of the 1-9 and Tasks

1-      Start new projects, make major decisions, take the lead, aim for the top

2-      Use emotions to connect with your clients, write copy, review your story (About Me)

3-      Socialize, express yourself artistically, find joy in your work, write

4-      Building your base, getting organized, create long term goals

5-      Tackle a task you have been putting off, travel, expect changes or create them

6-      Create harmony: improve your work area, take care of yourself, love on something that is frustrating you

7-      Research, learning, sharing your work, meditate on your work, save your work thrice, work outside

8-      Think: power, finance, marketing

9-      Use your business to help others. Bring things to a conclusion; finish up projects or let them go. 

 Using the Law of Choice and the energy of numbers we can accomplish our goals. Understanding we can make choices for our greatest and highest good.  By being aware we can harness the energy offered to us, as explained through numerology, to make the choices that serve us.

Here is to a life you chose!

Love and Light,

*Health and Wellness Life Path number is a term coined in “Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness”. Add all the digits of your birthday to a double digit, adding them again.  

Free March Guidance 2017

You need not worry about the condition of the world, only the condition of your own heart. The black moon time upon us is not, I repeat, is NOT the darkness as in the dark side, rather this darkness is the time in between. The dark before the light. It needs not be the dark night of the soul unless YOU chose this route.

You have MARCHING orders. Attend to this dark. A rest. A respite. A time to ‘turn in’ (sleep, rest, rethink) and see the light in your heart. This talk of love in the Time of Aquarius will not go away- it will draw you closer.  Here is what we mean:

To calculate your Life Path Number, add all the digits of your birthdate until you get a single digit. For example November 30, 1975 is calculated: 1+1+3+1+9+7+5 = 27,  2+7 = 9. This person’s Life Path Number is a 9 so they would scroll down to "9".

 Life Path 1-Don’t allow others to guide you. No input from others, in any form, is needed. Your hearts-desire is your light.

Life Path 2-When you are at your most frustrated and frazzled THIS is your light. These emotions, though dark, illuminate your hearts yearning.

 Life Path 3- You don’t need any more creative ideas. What you need is a way to proceed with ONE of them. Which one gives you goose bumps? Start that.


Life Path 4- Your mojo can create some ‘darkness’ because not everyone wants to play by your rules. Sometimes you don’t either. Flow is needed. Play is needed. Allow.

Life Path 5- Your definitely, definitely, going through some major change. FIGHTING it creates darkness. ASK what the change is about or look at it differently. You need to do this or the darkness about it won’t change.  

Life Path 6- Piece. Peace. Sounds the same but NOT the same energy. You are giving pieces of yourself away which does not create peace in your heart.

Life Path 7-When was the last time you gave into one of your desires? Oh, boy! The TRUTH (aka: the light) about this will come to you in a weird way. Shit, it might even look like darkness. (this happened to me recently…I totally get this so if you have questions send me an email)

Life Path 8-With so much coming your way, the light for you is in how you share it. The eight on its side is infinity. This is how much ______ (love?) comes to you and how much ____ (love?) you have to give. Fill in the blanks with what feels good to you. 

Life Path 9-The universe will serve you better when you serve it better. How is this? The beauty of the 9 is your predisposition to KNOW. You know, fear is blocking you.

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Love and Light,


My book, Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness will help you love on yourself to gain healthy new fitness habits. It’s available at Amazon, Barns and Noble, and Balboa Press.

Are you Creatively Living Your Light?

If you have a 3 in your life path, this is an important question for you to ponder. (Add all the digits of your birth date, if the double digit has a 3 or if they add to a 3, I am talking to you!)

We are here in human form, why do you think that is? Your hands can make things, your mind can create something that does not exists, this is not an accident. What do you want to make? What have you been burning to create? Stop procrastinating and start telling yourself:


#1 I have everything I need

#2 I love to create

#3 I am creative

#4 My life allows and requires me to be creative.

End of sentience, now get to it.

Love and Light,