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Part One of Two

It is sad to see the end of summer that the ninth month of September brings but when things come to an end, something new is just around the corner. The energy of nine is service to humanity, brotherhood, personal truth, and living with integrity.  September is also suicide prevention month as well as addiction month. These two subjects are current media topics. They are daunting but they always bare discussing.  Combining service to humanity and integrity, charity can start at home by doing our best to avoid addiction and depression.

One known way to ward off addiction and depression is exercise. There really is no debating how beneficial exercise is to elevate a person’s mood. Figuring out our resistance to it when it is so good for us is the key. Are you tried of making excuses not to exercise? Ever consider that you just might not have found the right kind of movement that fits your mind, body and soul?

I have created for you a *FitnesScope- intuitive fitness guidance based on your numerology. We are not talking Cross Fit or Tri-athlete here or six pack abs. We are talking about incorporating fitness into your life with easy and grace.   

Figure out your Life Path number: add all digits of your birthday until you get a single digit.  

          Example: August 4 1969 is a 1 Life Path -     8 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 9= 37,    3 + 7=10,    1+0 = 1 

1 Life Path- Because of your creative and expressive nature you need more than the average amount of exercise each day. Since you spend much time alone and much time in your head chose an activity that is simple, easy to follow (dare I say “mindless”?) and fun.  Also try mixing in activities you enjoyed as a child. The more playful and silly the better! Find some kids to show you how.

2 Life Path-  You need exercise that releases muscular tension. One that requires balance.  Include independent activities for yourself and above all choose what YOU like. Try uplifting movement that has music, dancing, or deep breathing. Add beauty by choosing colors and surroundings that appeal to you. Include stretching and meditation every day. 

3  Life Path- Expressive movement suits you best.  Find inspiring energetic music or write your own. Chose music that mirrors your current feelings and move with it. Consider teaching, leading or creating a fitness class of your own. Your creativity and enthusiasm alone make you qualified for such an endeavor.

4  Life Path- Step by step and goal oriented fitness program works best for you. Sign up for a half marathon then train for it. Make it a goal to be a black belt within 2 years, etc. Does competition motivate you? Try a team sport.  

5 Life Path-You will get the freedom you need when you create a disciplined approach to your fitness program. Freedom from health worries, freedom to sleep well, freedom in your diet choices, etc. Varity is very important. If you are missing work outs or don’t work out at all it might be due to boredom. Something simple as walking can be changed up by going at a different time of day, different location, adding music, books on tape or comedy that is free on Pandora. Don’t do the same work out two days in a row. Being regimented doesn’t mean being boring. (Fast moving Aerobics class, Zumba, you don’t have to be super fit or know how to dance to enjoy this class!) Note: if you are talking a lot during a class you might be bored. If you enjoy talking while working out, use ear buds and microphone and talk while walking outside, not indoors this is annoying to do around others.

6 Life Path-  Pick any physical activity you think you are not very good at and do it anyway. Guess what, it will be perfect because it is good for you. Notice how you feel while you exercise. Picture running like Phoebe in the Friends episode, an anything goes kind of attitude. Try Tai Chi or something similar so you can slow down and enjoy the process. Like to golf? Don’t take a cart, don’t keep score, and while you are walking between holes notice your surroundings.  

7 Life Path-Try to do as many outdoor activities as possible. Mix in something you enjoy that requires attention/concentration, counting or that builds upon proceeding classes.

8 Life Path- Tapping into your inner abundance and power is the key to your fitness routine. Be a workout buddy, inspire and encourage others to exercise. Sharing in this area will certainly motivate yourself and others to meet fitness goals. Can you share your abundance with others by offering a free class or volunteer to teach? 

9 Life Path- Gee, you are good at so many things. What to choose, what to choose? You lead others without trying, imagine what you can do if you made a conscious attempt at it? Look deep into your heart, honor your conviction to better health and get something started today.


Love and Light,



*FitnesScope is the property of The Energy Garden. Talk to your doctor before starting any new fitness program. Consult professional trainers when necessary.

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