Free Guidance for September, 2016

 Be aware of all the things that can be taken away. Not all will feel like a sacrifice, some will feel like relief. Sometimes things (thoughts, beliefs, people, and situations) leave us and we are more open for the next part of our journey in creating. We must not ‘keep’ things or be attached to things, ideas or people. You must understand the flow of the Universe allows for such interesting things if we just allow it. We spend a lot of time holding; withholding, holding a grudge, holding our breath, holding out, and holding up,. Too much holding. When you do your BOBS (bottom of the belly breathes) this month say “I am open to receive” on the in breath and “I release all that does not serve me” on the out breath.

Please trust that all will happen as needed if you trust.

To calculate your Life Path Number, add all the digits of your birthdate until you get a single digit. For example November 30, 1975 is calculated: 1+1+3+1+9+7+5 = 27,  2+7 = 9. This person’s Life Path Number is a 9 so they would go to "9" to find their message.

Life Path 1 –. The whirlwind you are about to experience might seem like a storm at first. You’re not use to so much coming at once. This is because you have not allowed it in the past. You have said it before, one person’s flea market is another person’s junk pile. Perception is all the difference. That, combined with the fact you know the Universe only brings you what you can handle, will make it a SUPER DUPER SEPTEMBER!  

Life Path 2- Sure as all of us have a Super Power, yours can be as tricky as too much rain. Creating slippery slopes, maybe even avalanches. This does not have to be the case. Stop holding back on your feelings, express them. Write, take a Kickboxing class, or allow yourself to cry at yoga or while meditating. Rain would be your best bet, you understand this. The other option is fire. Both rain and fire is cleansing but mopping up tears with tissue is much easier to clean up.

 Life Path 3- If you don’t think there is enough time, then there will not be. If your new moto is “I have everything I need,” doesn’t it stand to reason, the things which do not serve you will fall away, thus leaving you time to attend to the things that do. This is what we were talking about- what are you doing with your time that does not serve your greatest and highest good? We ask you this because we know that time is of the essence.

 Life Path 4- You need not worry yourself about how things will leave you. This worry business is part of it. Why are you worrying anyway? You know that is a sign of fear, right? Do what you feel you need to, do what is necessary, do what you can…that is all you can do, nothing more. Trust that.

Life Path 5- Can you relate to those who have had a hard life? Can you see where maybe they didn’t make the best decisions? Good, now apply that ability to yourself, with a caveat. Don’t judge yourself. Remember life flows if we allow it so we are always learning new things. Would you chastise a five year old making mistakes to tie his shoes? Of course not, allow yourself to make mistakes, some of them might even make life funner.

Life Path 6- Can you write a list of feeling words? Please do so now. Picture life without them: B O R I N G. Do not wish away your feelings and emotions, they are there to guide you. Bless each and every one of them since the day you were born. That is your first writing assignment. Second writing assignment is to match them to your super powers. You can get a free copy of them if you enter them as a Free-Me-Yum in memo box: “Send me my Super Powers for Life Path 6” on my website

Life Path 7- How about you get real about your health. Is there something nagging you? Something not quite right? Honor yourself. You know that truth, honestly and self-knowledge is what you came here to create right? So it will be a challenge for you to be honest with yourself. This comes easy to some and others won’t even get there this life time. Please reflect on yourself as you would a friend in need. Ask yourself what you need and trust the answer will come.

Life Path 8- When you’re on a roll, its best to just keep it going. You have had many things leave your life lately, we know this doesn’t make the concept easier. You can help yourself by identifying the things that need to go and asking for guidance in how to handle it. “You have everything you need”, for an 8 this is an understatement but say it and mean it because it is true.

Life Path 9- You are at a point where not much phases you but you need to look at things differently. If there is something in your life that does not serve you, how can you deal with it? Use your wit and a bit of charm. 

Here to help you Say YES to Who You Are to Create your heart’s desire.  Love and Light,




September 2015 Free Guidance

Free Guidance September 2015

The 9th month. As is the Life Path of a 9 a humanitarian one, the month of September will bring on a feeling of oneness with everyone. A connectedness that may not enjoyable to all. Like when a co-worker or mate is around your neck or a parent is riding your back. It is this connectedness thatcauses us some 'ta-do' and we are here this month to get it 'ta-done'. Take a look at your forecast for this month and spend some time with it. Just as the scientist are discovering that attention to something changes its behavior, you too will soon discover that your attention to matters will make a change.  

 To calculate your Life Path Number, add all the digits of your birthdate until you get a single digit. For example November 30, 1975 is calculated: 1+1+3+1+9+7+5 = 27,  2+7 = 9. This person’s Life Path Number is a 9 so they would scroll down to "9" to find the Numeroscope message.

School is in session kids! For this month I invite you to look up all three (or four) of your digits and follow the instructions there. Do some homework, you’ll be glad you did. Also practice that penmanship and hand write your answers. In the example above the total was 27 so this person would look up 2, 7 and 9.

1 Life Path- (Creativity and Confidence) –When a 1 wants to get something done they just need to think about it often during the day. They will condition their brain to consider it as part of them. It won't take long before a 1 brain will begin a new habit. The trick is to keep whatever it is that is wanted close to the heart. Meditation, daily affirmations and any other daily reminders will help. The more organic they are the better.  An intention instead of an alarm clock, a handwritten note instead of a phone generated reminder.  You’ll connect to your true self better this way.

2 Life Path-(Cooperation and Balance)- 2's are so very sensitive and they forget that that is what makes them special. They wish their sensitivity away- no bueno. It is when they allow their sensitivity that they are truly themselves. A good exercise for 2’s is to write down all the things they find good about their emotions. How emotions keep them safe when they feel danger, when emotions connect them to their children/family/friends and all the ways they appreciate ‘feeling’. Keeping a diary just for this purpose will be very helpful.

3 Life Path- (Expression and Sensitivity) – 3’s really need to express what they are feeling but also need to be careful not to dump it on others.  Their emotions are powerful indicators that are there to teach them about themselves. Each emotion they experience is a window into their soul. Homework for you is to explore each one of these that disturbs you the most. Angry at a co-worker, explore ‘why’. Upset at your mate, write down why and see where it leads. You are a culmination of all that is important. Heed your emotions as a guidance system. A guidance systemthat you asked for, one that will lead you where you want to go, one that will set you free.

4 Life Path- (Stability and Process) – Building is in a 4’s repertoire. They can build a wall faster than anyone to keep everyone out. They make good hermits but this does not serve their highest and greatest good. A good way to deal with those reclusive feelings is to identify the resistance. What is it about where they need to go bothers them? What is it about people that bugs them? When they explore this they will resolve it. What you resist will persist so until you figure it out or stop worrying about it, it will nag at you.

5 Life Path- (Freedom and Discipline) – 5’s have avoidance in spades. They like to avoid the things that are difficult for them. They do not understand that by doing the things that are most difficult the road to less resistance will appear. If a 5 wants to have an easy time at work they need to focus on what it is they like least and find a way to like it. Although this might be difficult, just by considering what you like about it will change the energy of it. Take the least enjoyable thing about your job and do it first thing in the morning- a jump start to a great day!

6 Life Path- (Vison and Acceptance) – The unconditional love of the 6 sometimes gets in their way. They love things to death. They need to back off the things they love a little bit. Give room to things to grow and change. By holding onto things, 6’s create a disharmony. Loving something does not mean having it in their life all of the time. Allowing things to move in and out is true unconditional love. Yes, this takes lots of trust but the things that a 6 are meant to love the most just might need to be the furthest away.

7 Life Path- (Trust and Openness) – The truth will set a 7  free but that is the rub. This is the most difficult thing for a 7 but that is because it is what you are here to learn. Trust, honesty and above all wisdom to know the difference. The difference between truth and non-truth. Not lies per say but just knowing what does not serve you. What in your life does not serve your greatest and highest good? What would you like to have less of? Less chaos? Less gossip? Less sass talk? Only you know the answer (truth) so sit with it for a awhile and see what comes up.

8 Life Path- (Abundance and Power) – You can advance at a high speed, you can also recede very quickly too. Be mindful of this in regards to your thoughts. What is your mind saying? Are they positive statements or derogatory? It does not matter who or what these statements are about, they just create more negativity. Pick something that is causing you some anxiety and try hard to find something positive about it. If it is a person that is especially irritating try to recall what attracted you to this person in the beginning. If it is a work situation that seems out of your control, consider how you could creatively solve it or what it would look like when it is resolved.  We are only given challenges that we can handle.

9 Life Path- (Integrity and Wisdom) – Shoot, you may have used all your ammo last month. That is to say that you may have been making the wrong fight. You don’t understand this now but the things that are bothering you are what you need to know in the future to make your decisions. You need to start asking hard questions, of yourself and of others. What are you here to accomplish? Not just to get by but the big picture type of accomplishment?

Love and Light,



FitScope- intuitive guidance for your fittest life

Part One of Two

It is sad to see the end of summer that the ninth month of September brings but when things come to an end, something new is just around the corner. The energy of nine is service to humanity, brotherhood, personal truth, and living with integrity.  September is also suicide prevention month as well as addiction month. These two subjects are current media topics. They are daunting but they always bare discussing.  Combining service to humanity and integrity, charity can start at home by doing our best to avoid addiction and depression.

One known way to ward off addiction and depression is exercise. There really is no debating how beneficial exercise is to elevate a person’s mood. Figuring out our resistance to it when it is so good for us is the key. Are you tried of making excuses not to exercise? Ever consider that you just might not have found the right kind of movement that fits your mind, body and soul?

I have created for you a *FitnesScope- intuitive fitness guidance based on your numerology. We are not talking Cross Fit or Tri-athlete here or six pack abs. We are talking about incorporating fitness into your life with easy and grace.   

Figure out your Life Path number: add all digits of your birthday until you get a single digit.  

          Example: August 4 1969 is a 1 Life Path -     8 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 9= 37,    3 + 7=10,    1+0 = 1 

1 Life Path- Because of your creative and expressive nature you need more than the average amount of exercise each day. Since you spend much time alone and much time in your head chose an activity that is simple, easy to follow (dare I say “mindless”?) and fun.  Also try mixing in activities you enjoyed as a child. The more playful and silly the better! Find some kids to show you how.

2 Life Path-  You need exercise that releases muscular tension. One that requires balance.  Include independent activities for yourself and above all choose what YOU like. Try uplifting movement that has music, dancing, or deep breathing. Add beauty by choosing colors and surroundings that appeal to you. Include stretching and meditation every day. 

3  Life Path- Expressive movement suits you best.  Find inspiring energetic music or write your own. Chose music that mirrors your current feelings and move with it. Consider teaching, leading or creating a fitness class of your own. Your creativity and enthusiasm alone make you qualified for such an endeavor.

4  Life Path- Step by step and goal oriented fitness program works best for you. Sign up for a half marathon then train for it. Make it a goal to be a black belt within 2 years, etc. Does competition motivate you? Try a team sport.  

5 Life Path-You will get the freedom you need when you create a disciplined approach to your fitness program. Freedom from health worries, freedom to sleep well, freedom in your diet choices, etc. Varity is very important. If you are missing work outs or don’t work out at all it might be due to boredom. Something simple as walking can be changed up by going at a different time of day, different location, adding music, books on tape or comedy that is free on Pandora. Don’t do the same work out two days in a row. Being regimented doesn’t mean being boring. (Fast moving Aerobics class, Zumba, you don’t have to be super fit or know how to dance to enjoy this class!) Note: if you are talking a lot during a class you might be bored. If you enjoy talking while working out, use ear buds and microphone and talk while walking outside, not indoors this is annoying to do around others.

6 Life Path-  Pick any physical activity you think you are not very good at and do it anyway. Guess what, it will be perfect because it is good for you. Notice how you feel while you exercise. Picture running like Phoebe in the Friends episode, an anything goes kind of attitude. Try Tai Chi or something similar so you can slow down and enjoy the process. Like to golf? Don’t take a cart, don’t keep score, and while you are walking between holes notice your surroundings.  

7 Life Path-Try to do as many outdoor activities as possible. Mix in something you enjoy that requires attention/concentration, counting or that builds upon proceeding classes.

8 Life Path- Tapping into your inner abundance and power is the key to your fitness routine. Be a workout buddy, inspire and encourage others to exercise. Sharing in this area will certainly motivate yourself and others to meet fitness goals. Can you share your abundance with others by offering a free class or volunteer to teach? 

9 Life Path- Gee, you are good at so many things. What to choose, what to choose? You lead others without trying, imagine what you can do if you made a conscious attempt at it? Look deep into your heart, honor your conviction to better health and get something started today.


Love and Light,



*FitnesScope is the property of The Energy Garden. Talk to your doctor before starting any new fitness program. Consult professional trainers when necessary.

 More ideas and specific exercises on the FitnesScope tab, click here. Introduction to Numerology click here.

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