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Tricia started her love affair with Numerology in 2011. She was driven to find answers. First for her health problems, then for the nagging voice in her head that told her she was on the wrong path. Numerology showed up and answered many of her questions. This propelled her to embrace her healing ability hidden inside. She received her Level II Reiki Certification in February 2013. Throwing herself into the body/mind connection with no intent other than personal growth, she soon began combining Numerology, Reiki and her intuitive abilities to help friends and family. Tricia started making connections between dream symbols, visions and her intuitive abilities during these sessions. She can now put them together succinctly, giving her clients the messages they need most, when they need them, allowing personal healing on a deeper level.  

In August, 2016, Tricia launched the first of her books, "Say YES to Who You Are to Create FITNESS." It is the first in a series and she is excited to do readings, workshops and posts on the work. 

Tricia lived on the Big Island of Hawaii from 2013 to 2019. Giving credit to the energy of the ocean, sunshine and beauty to heal and write. Relocating to California to be closer to family, she continues to write,create and enjoy her spiritual journey. When she is not working or with clients, you can find her practicing yoga, walking or in meditation She often spends time preparing fresh organic meals and creating new recipes which she recently started sharing on Instagram.



  • Owner of The Energy Garden

  • Certified Angel Intuitive

  • Reiki Healer

  • Dream Interpreter

  • Claicognizant

  • Life Purpose/Spiritual Guide

  • Writer/Poet/Blog Host

A message from Tricia:


    “ I want to share my love of Numerology, Reiki and other things that balance energy. I am honored to be guided to help others, a passion I have always had but felt no direction. This opportunity to help others is a blessing. I hope you find your time with me to be peaceful and that you will discover the joy in unlocking the gate, to the beautiful garden.....the beautiful garden of your true self.

Welcome to my Energy Garden and thank you for coming.”


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